TRS Fem cinema!

400 students take part in the first edition of the TRS contest with 32 short films from their classrooms


The old  cinema “Cinema Catalunya”, today part of our heritage,  became a very special stage to show the work made by the students and as a great place for the awards ceremony. One of the most important goals of being a City of Film by UNESCO is to bring deep audiovisual knowledge to all social levels, and for these purpose approaching audiovisual to schools is one of the most important tools we have, today’s children and youth are big consumers of audiovisual products and information, and to boost critical comprehension of media content it’s one of a serious challenge. We have now a work flow system using specialised staff going to schools training and encouraging teachers in the use of audiovisual creative tools and making them able to transmit audiovisual language to students. In this purpose a classroom film made festival has been created ‘TRS Fem Cinema!’ as a way to see results and learn from them and to be able to improve the system.


Short films winners ‘TRS fem cinema! 2018-2019’

CATEGORY 1 – Cicle superior de primària:

Second award for Best film:
ESCOLA FONT DE L’ALBA – 6è Primària.
‘Res és impossible!’


Best film:
INSTITUT ÈGARA – 2n Batxillerat.
‘Detrás de la lente’