'TRS Fem cinema! – Film show done in classrooms' heats up engines and starts the 2nd edition


The success of the first edition promoted by the Taula Local de l’Audiovisual marks the path to continue offering the activity, which is framed in the many proposals that Terrassa performs related to cinema and audio-visual training. Until September 26th, teachers of all levels can register for the training offered in the Area Training Plan. The creation of short films by students will continue in the classrooms to end the 2nd edition of the sample planned for the month of May at Cinema Catalunya.

The first edition of ‘TRS Fem cinema! 1st Mostra de cinema fet a les aules” left very positive results: 32 short films presented from 15 Terrassa and surrounding centers and more than 400 participating students. Thanks to the interest shown by the entire educational community, the second edition of the activity takes shape, once again, as one of the most outstanding proposals of Terrassa City of Film, member of the creative network of UNESCO.

Differential methodology and open participation
The project begins with specific accredited training aimed at teachers who can already enroll. ‘The cinematographic creation – Terrassa Unesco City of cinema’ allows to transfer to the classrooms the acquired knowledge, and who wants can end the production of a short film that enters the competition at the Mostra and thus exhibit it at Cinema Catalunya at the end of course. Therefore, the short films presented at the event are the result of the work done exclusively by the students, as a condition of participation in the rules of the project, guided by their teachers and tutors. Both parts of the activity – the course and the creation of short films – can be done independently, without being required to have done the first training in order to choose to present a work to the Mostra, and vice versa. The entries to present the audiovisual projects to the event will be made through the website of Terrassa City of Film.

The training, conducted by experts in the field of audiovisual and social rights, aims to train teachers in two main areas: the basics of narrative and film, as well as the treatment of the script that should be focused on INTERCULTURALITY . This theme is in line with the ideals of UNESCO and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN Agenda 2030. Terrassa City of Film adheres to this project, among others, to the SDGs ‘Quality education’ (No. 4) and ‘Reduction of inequalities’ (No. 10), proposed in its strategic plan of action.

Agents involved and committed
Both the team of the Taula Local de l’Audiovisual, as well as those responsible for the Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya, the Municipal Communication Society – Cinema Catalunya, the Area of ​​International Relations, the Area of ​​Social Rights and Service for people, OME (Municipal Education Office) and the CRP – Pedagogical Resources Center of Vallès Occidental II form an active part of the project, offering its support and dedication.