Terrassa, rutes de cine


Terrassa Film Office provides with an unique new opportunity to know those places of the city that have been film locations.
The citizens of Terrassa are already used to see young people carrying tripods or boompoles waiting at the trafic lights, while stressed small groups of people in a street corner holds large reflectors, but not all is for everybodies eyes, meanwhile in the classrooms 3D projects and designs are starting to get shape and long pieces of wood get some life in the workshops of scenary art makers.
Sometimes a certain stoicism is necessary when publicity, film or TV invade the streets or parks, although many of the productions are carried out in the studies of the Audiovisual Park, it is in the streets where we see and we like to see the Terrassa city of Film. This trip is the best way to find those places that have that special something that could make it look as if was another time, o any other place in the world.