Terrassa Film Lab

What is TRS Film Lab?

It is a laboratory for the creation of audio-visual prototypes located at the Parc Audiovisual facilities, which will connect Terrassa’s latent entrepreneurship with the professional market using applied and value-added technologies.

Terrassa is a UNESCO city of film thanks to its unique range of academic opportunities related to the audio-visual industry. One of the strategic lines of Audio-visual Projects is applied innovation, and the city also has a cutting-edge content production centre in the country: Parc Audiovisual. We want to align these possibilities to connect the effervescent talent of the classrooms with the industrial sector and real market opportunities.

Audio-visual content nowadays goes far beyond television fiction or movies. New entertainment proposals, online education, or even medical training are based on a digital and audio-visual foundation, such as augmented or virtual reality environments. New opportunities arise with continuous technological changes that must be taken advantage of. In recent times, a new frontier has been established between the audio-visual and digital production sectors,

for example, associated with the video game industry. Applied technologies such as virtual production generate new trades, techniques, and business opportunities.

The TRS Film Lab is born as a bridge between Terrassa’s latent entrepreneurship and the final market. The laboratory for the creation of audio-visual prototypes will be in the Parc Audiovisual facilities. The differential bet is to develop a laboratory that makes it possible to generate proposals for product sales and transform it into a true laboratory equipped with differential tools that are attractive to students from local institutions, such as the CITM, UPC, and ESCAC, and anyone in the local environment who has a business idea but lacks access to
mature technology that can help them materialize it into a tangible prototype that can be a sample for future investors.

The ICAA (Institute of Cinematography and Audio-visual Arts) opened a call for proposals in early 2022 that aligned perfectly with this interest: “Aids for laboratories and incubators for the creation and development of audiovisual projects,” connected with the EU’s Next Generation funds. After analysing the conditions, Audio-visual Projects decided to apply. The result is a grant of €125,000 for the year 2022 and another €125,000 for 2023.

The subsequent steps after receiving the grant have been:

  • Establishing the laboratory presented on March 30th, which is a space in a professional studio where all the necessary technology is integrated to produce a virtual content prototype oriented towards the audio-visual market.
  • The goal is for this space to become a talent magnet and a practical tool for implementing necessary training and follow-up actions for local entrepreneurship, always focused on market results and professional training for their immediate environment. Materializing, in the form of specific knowledge transfer projects, alliances with the reference training centres in their ecosystem, such as the CITM, UPC, and ESCAC