Terrassa City of Film of UNESCO: DNA of film


The second edition of the Film week (7mana del cinema), in commemoration of the UNESCO World Audiovisual Heritage Day, is an open invitation to all those who want to live, for seven days, at the pace of a cinema city. Anyone who wants it, will be able to enjoy an itinerary that shows everything that configures our cinematographic DNA: the tradition, with a significant collection of films by local authors of all time; Film heritage, with the projection of a reference work –”La piel quemada”– restored by the Film Library Conservation and Restoration Center located in Terrassa. The industry, with the opportunity to visit the installations of the Parc Audiovisual or even to enjoy 12 intense hours of scary cinema. And education, with a collection of short films made in the local classrooms and, of course, with the presence of that bridge between education and industry that is ESCAC, with the premiere in Terrassa of two films of creators who have studied in the city and who have recently received recognition in various festivals: “The daughter of someone” and “The daughter of a thief.”

The Terrassa City of film of UNESCO is more than just a stamp of great prestige, it is a reality where every day Terrassa becomes a true city of cinema.

We invite everyone to participate and enjoy it.