Terrassa Week of Cinema

The General Conference of UNESCO approved the commemoration of an Audiovisual Heritage World Day in 2005 as a mechanism to raise general awareness of the need to preserve and safeguard important audiovisual material for future generations, and for urgent measures to be taken to conserve this heritage and ensure it remains accessible to the public now, and to future generations. The Center for Restoration and Conservation of the Filmoteca de Catalunya is one of the most valuable places in the city where all audiovisual material in our territory is taken care of.

On October 27 the World Heritage Day and Terrassa is celebrated, such as THE UNESCO CITY OF CINEMA, it does not want to miss this great opportunity to make everyone in the seventh art available in their most primitive expressions, remembering the Importance of its conservation and dissemination. A week with screenings, talks, guided tours and many more proposals.

Because without all the existing film heritage, we would not enjoy cinema as we do today.


Playbill for the  la IV Terrassa Film week (CATALAN)

Registration form for visiting the Parc Audiovisual and the Restoration Center of the Catalonia’s Film Libray 2CR

Registration form for film sessions at Cinema Catalunya



Del 22 al 27 de octubre de 2020 se celebrará la 4ª edición de la ‘7mana del cine’.