What is the specific proposal?

From the Mayor’s Office of Economic Promotion, Plans, Projects and Projection of the City and the Department of Social Economy and Innovation, Universities, Tourism and Audio-visual Projects, there is a strong commitment to support those activities related to the audio-visual that may lead to reach international impact and a prominent role of the audio-visual field in our city.

Accordingly, the revival of the “Concurs del Pla Seqüència” may count with the support and promotion that network can provide with, involving the rest of the other 17 Creative Cities of Film- UNESCO of the world, that including Terrassa, are:

Bitola (Macedonia), Bradford Busan (UK), Bristol (UK), (Republic of Korea), Galway (Ireland), Lodz (Poland), Mumbai (India), Potsdam (Germany), Qingdao (China), Rome (Italy), Santos (Brazil), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Sydney (Australia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Valladolid (Spain), Wellington (New Zealand) and Yamagata (Japan).

The “2nd Cinema Week of Terrassa” was held from the 24th and 30th October 2019, and aimed to consolidated in an annual way, always around 27th October, which is “World Film Heritage Day”. The specific proposal is, therefore, that the Closing Session and Award ceremony of the next 10th edition of the “Terrassa City of Film- One Shot” may take place during one of the days of what will be the “3rd Film Week on Terrassa” which is expected from October 21th to 27th, 2020. In these times of pandemic an important detail remains to be specified, it is whether it could be celebrated in a film theatre or maybe online at the same time … or only online, depending on the situation.

That is why this very July the project, as the rules of participations, are going to be disseminated through all possible ways including at the international level, as seeking the collaboration of companies, institutions or individuals, in order to have an economic support that allows to deliver some prizes or the equivalent value in equipment for filming (cameras, edition software …), that help to catch the interest of the potential participants.

This first edition of revival won’t require short films made recently, allowing to all those participants that couldn’t apply during the last years in which the contest has not been made to join the contest again. The last day of reception will be in early October 2020 and the organization hopes to enjoy a good national and international participation.