Rules of participation

01 – Two categories will be established:

“Junior” (up to 16 years)

“Senior” (from 17 years)

02 – Films produced from 2012 (last year the event was held) to the last date of reception

03 – The topic will be free

04 – The minimum duration must be three minutes (start and / or end titles counted besides the length of the sequence shot)

05 – All movies must be in horizontal screen format

06 – The sequence shot cannot include any frame of just a single colour (white, black …) nor any repeated frame, nor any FX applied on the motion picture that can disguise a manipulation. The plot content must therefore be filmed in a single shot with no cutting from start to the end.

07 – Credit titles may be added at the beginning and / or end, without images or sounds unrelated with the plot content of the sequence shot, and preferably on a neutral background.

08 – The overprinting of graphic elements on the image is permitted, as long as its size allows to identify at all time the continuity of the sequence shot.

09 – It’s allowed to edit the soundtrack, adding voiceovers, dialogues, sound effects or music to complement or replace the original sound.

10 – Subtitles can also be added, preferably in English, in case there are dialogues or voices off.

11 – The organization is entitled to request the subtitle, in the event that is not presented, and considered necessary for a better screening.

12 – It will be asked to host the digital files, in specified formats and sites, together with a technical and an artistic files, the synopsis, some pictures of promotion (including one of the director and his/her resume if wished) and the signed authorization (available on this website), allowing to disseminate totally or partly the sequence shots for promoting the contest in any way that the organization may decide.


The Organizing Committee is entitled to do not admit those sequence shots whose content may infringe on fundamental rights or freedoms, and to settle any incident that may arise that does not comply with the rules of participation.