Santa Eulàlia Institute finalist at the Mobile Learning Awards


Santa Eulalia Institute is one of the three finalists of the mSchools Mobile Learning Awards (MBL), a competition that promotes projects in the field of education transformation through the use of digital technologies.

In the 8th edition, three works have been selected, among which is “360º Bullying, in your eyes”, competing for the award for best classroom experience with digital technologies. A project promoted by Professor Abel Castilla and carried out with the students of the 1st year of the middle-grade in Video, DJ and sound. Mònica Moreno has also participate as the tutor of the group of students, taking charge of thinking the ideas of the videos that were filmed in 360º.

The project begins with an immersion in the classroom about bullying and the different types that exist. In this way, the students produced a script with a series of stories about bullying cases involving young people; some of which have verbal and/or psychological hostile attitudes but also sexual or social, or all at the same time. After writing the script, they began the production and filming which also carried out all the students.

The MLA contest is waiting to know the final verdict (the other two finalists are schools in Tarragona and Girona) and the date and place of the ceremony for the awards ceremony.

This material has also been used as a teaching resource by the Surveillance team of the Institut in the framework of the #herestopbullying program. It is a group of young people who raise the awareness of the rest of the students about bullying and how to prevent or act on it.