The fourth edition of 7mana del Cinema

From 22 to 27 October, Terrassa (Spain), a Creative City of Film, presented the 4th 7mana del Cinema , an entire week with screenings, talks, guided tours, and many more proposals.

A big part of the program took place in the Cinema Catalunya, a centenary film theatre  whose magic and glamour enriches film screenings and seduces all the viewers. 

The aim of this edition, after the virtual previous one, was inviting as many participants as possible to join the activities, theme based on Film Literacy to everyone (from very young students to university ones), diversity, film entertainment, film industry and heritage,  as well as on the urban sustainable development through creative industries.

Additionally, participants of the Film Week had the opportunity to visit two important film sites of the city: Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya, one of the most relevant film studios in Spain, and Catalonia’s Film Library, where Catalan film heritage is preserved.   

During the week, Terrassa also hosted the One Shot Festival, an International Film Contest based on short productions filmed in one sequence shot strictly without any cut . The contest is rooted in a legendary local film festival named “El Rotllo”, focused on non-commercial films that started decades ago. This year, the contest received the application of 1238 films from 99 different countries, these numbers evidence that cinema has no cultural barriers even during the present very complicated moment. 

This year’s event’s main goal was to highlight not only the importance of preserving and disseminating Film Culture but to make everyone participate again, during a whole week, from the Seventh Art’s magic.