El Festival Internacional Kid & Youth torna a comptar amb la participació de Terrassa


Busan, the Korean ‘sister’ city of Terrassa within the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, has again extended the invitation to educational communities in all cities to participate in the International Poster Contest within the International Kid & Youth Festival, Biky. The festival encourages participation to create their own promotional poster for children between the ages of 5 and 12 from all film cities in the creative network. With already 15 editions, this year the festival is presented under the slogan “Beep! Beep! Save the planet! ”

After the great success of the last edition where Júlia de la Rosa, an studient of the Institute Terrassa, was the winner of the competition; Terrassa City of Film is participating again. This year the proposal of the city comes from the student of the Ramón i Cajal School, Anna García.

The award, in addition to the recognition in the center and in the city as a whole, consists of the invitation for the poster author and a tutor to take an active part in the Festival, even as a jury of the works to be exhibited . The festival will be held from July 7 to 13.

Terrassa City of Film, a UNESCO city of cinema, continues networking with the ‘sister’ cities, thus generating synergies between the proposals, own and others, to bring cinema to the whole community and thus have the opportunity to participate in this type of events and opportunities.


Here you can see all the proposals of the contest