Creative CITM: a great bet on training


The Center for Image and Multimedia Technology (CITM), a teaching center affiliated with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and a member of the Audiovisual Board, starts the Creative CITM from 10 March. A series of sessions in the form of conferences, workshops or round tables with the aim of offering specialized knowledge in the field of undergraduate studies offered by CITM (Degree in Design, Animation and Digital Art; Degree in Multimedia, and Degrees in Video Game Design and Development).

All sessions, free of charge, will be presented by relevant speakers dealing with topics of interest to the young audience. Next Tuesday, March 10, at 5pm, the Creative CITM will be held at the CITM Stage (c/ de la Igualtat 33, Terrassa), by Marina Amores, communicator and specialist in video games and genres. Marina will be presenting “Nerfeadas: Conversations about Cheerleading in Video Games“, her new documentary series through a total of 10 chapters and with the voices of more than 20 professionals interviewed.

You can enter this link to reserve your place.

Stay tuned for upcoming sessions!