Identity and audiovisual creation


We leave you one of the latest advertising productions in the city, at the Patronal Catalana CECOT. This is the video ‘The tower of women’, for the Nord-American Lifetime enterprise, starring boys and girls from Minyons de Terrassa. We know it was a day of filming attempts and that it required a lot of effort from the participants of both the producer, as well as the members of Minyons and those responsible for the location.
This is a very symbolic sample of the features of our city: castles and cinema, the audiovisual world, united in this cured piece designed by Sarah Chatfield. Two features that define our city’s UNESCO cinema city very well.
We celebrate and are very proud that part of our identity travels around the world! The managements that allowed the shooting were carried out by TERRASSA FILM OFFICE which helped to make it possible. We keep rolling!!