Libraries, cinema … Action!

The BCT Network organizes the cycle “Libraries, cinema … action!” With different activities related to the world of cinematography
The proposals are framed within the different activities that Terrassa regularly hosts as City of Cinema member of the Network of Creative Cities of Unesco. Until next December, the public libraries of Terrassa have organized different activities around the world of cinema.
Sota el títol “Biblioteques, cinema… acció!”, es posaran en marxa un seguit de propostes relacionades amb el món cinematogràfic i audiovisual, com xerrades del programa “Aula de cinema”, cinefòrums, projeccions de llargmetratges i curtmetratges, música en directe amb les millors bandes sonores o diverses activitats infantils i familiars relacionades amb el món de la cinematografia. (Adjuntem programa)

Under the title “Libraries, cinema … action!”, some proposals related to the cinematographic and audiovisual world will be launched, such as “Film room” talks, film festivals, feature films and short films, live music with the best soundtracks or some children’s and family activities related to the world of cinematography. (Attach program)

These activities related to the world of cinema, it must be added that the Library of District 3 will host the exhibition “2001: An Odyssey in space. The total artwork” that can be seen from Thursday 4th October to the 3rd of November. The exhibition commemorates the 50th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s film and revolves around the numerous enigmas that the director and scientist and writer Arthur C. Clarke left open in what has been considered a work of art of the cinematography In addition, and as of November 5, the same BD3 will host the Asian cinema show “Asia closer” and the Central Library of Terrassa will be the venue, from 5th to 23rd November, of the exhibition “British! British Film Show “.

A few of proposals that want to bring the cinematographic world closer to citizens from different perspectives, experiences and activities. According to the deputy mayor of Culture, Innovation and City Projection, Amadeu Aguado “These, like other activities promoted in Terrassa around the world of cinema, are framed in the different initiatives that are organized as City of Cinema and as members of Unesco’s Creative Cities Network. The public libraries of Terrassa, as one of the services most used by the public, are a very important means of communication so that locals and locals experience the history, tradition and commitment that the city has maintained and maintained with the cinema and with the world of audiovisual. At the same time, these interactions help to consolidate and project the most cultural and social aspect of cinema”.

Biblioteques, cinema… Acció! Program