Terrassa is film, and much more. For example, it is at the forefront of the performing and visual arts:

The Institut del Teatre [Theatre Institute], CAET or Centre d’Arts Escèniques de Terrassa [The Terrassa Performing Arts Centre], the Principal Theatre and the Alegria Theatre make the city hugely creative, and its most glorious moments like in innovative projects geared to the new formats market (TNT Festival) or in the regular programme at the Terrassa Cultural Centre, also famous for its Dance and Circus season which is quite extraordinary and way beyond the programs o ered in Barcelona itself.

Terrassa Arts Visuals [Terrassa Visual Arts] also supports artistic investigation, creation and production with exhibitions and activities which take place in cultural or alternative spaces, or in the street.

Musically, Terrassa is Jazz (and more). In addition to the International Jazz Festival, in its 36th edition this year, and clubs like the Nova Jazz Cava, the city also o ers an eclectic and high-powered programme, renowned for its discovery of emerging talent; a classical music and choral singing programme, and the Municipal Auditorium, home of the most highly qualified chamber orchestra in Catalonia, the Terrassa 48 Orchestra, and the Conservatoire. These together make up the classical and modern music infrastructure. The musical programme is completed by seasonal cycles of sacred, classical and popular music.

Above all, Terrassa is Popular Culture: The Castells, UNESCO intangible heritage, stand out as a local emblem, not just visually, but also metaphorically, embodying the spirit of teamwork and excellence. These human towers defy any kind of logic or scientic knowledge; they are a challenge to be overcome by cooperation, trust and unlimited creativity.

Culture is also found in the city’s streets, in the squares or improvised stages, pubic parks and any hidden corner. Terrassa is its folklore, the Gegants, Diables, and Dracs (Giants, Devils and Dragons), the dances and the fire…

The numbers behind creative Terrassa 

Regarding cultural dynamism, Terrassa is a ‘Pilot City of the Agenda 21 for Culture’ and an audit in 2016 revealed the following values for indicators such as:

  • ‘Cultural Rights’ (64/100, way above the global average of 35/100)
  • ‘Heritage, Diversity and Creativity’ (60/100, above the 50/100 Global Panel)
  • ‘Culture, Equity and Social Inclusion’ (62/100, compared with the average of 35/100)
  • ‘Culture and Education’ (59/100, compared with the world average of 38/100)
  • ‘Culture and environment’ (50/100, above the global 30/100)
  • ‘Governance of Culture’ (Terrassa scored 55/100, way above the average of 37/100)
  • ‘Culture and Economy’ (43/100 compared with 38/100 worldwide)

• ‘Culture, Planning and Public Space’ (49/100 compared with a global average of 44/100)

• ‘Culture, Information and Knowledge’ (50/100, compared to the Global Panel score of 43/100)

Culture 21: Activities, Terrassa and the Global Panel 2015